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SKAT reduced error rate with 20% in yearly reports 

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With a clever mix of project management, supplier management and stakeholder management Peak’s consultants helped SKAT with an extensive modernization of the reporting system eKapital. 

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SKAT was faced with the challenge that many of their IT-reporting systems were outdated. This had resulted in inflexible operation, potential legal problems and increased expenses in connection with maintenance and further development. With early reports of 140 billion DKK in total, there was therefore a need for modernization. This especially concerned the systems tasked with managing and receiving reports of interests regarding deposits, loans, mortgage loans, mortgage deeds, and various pension information from an estimated 800 reporters in the financial sector.


The concrete goal of the modernization of the interest systems was to remove the physical and manual reports and replace these with exclusively electronic reports including an advanced access control for the reporters.  

Another objective was to increase the opportunity to follow up on mistakes by expanding the duty to act. At the same time a user-friendly solution had to be developed, that also included a verification system for testing the reports before the final reports were sent. 

Peak’s consultants handled large parts of the transition from initial planning to the transition to operation. This involved activities such as: 

  • Project planning and preparation of business case cf. the customer’s joint state IT-project model 
  • Contributing to preparation of document 
  • Stakeholder and steering committee reporting 
  • Securing of agile development process 
  • IT-technical clarifications 
  • Clarifications with the department 
  • User surveys 
  • Technical dialogue with extern suppliers 
  • Involvement of users including test management 
  •  Preparation and implementation of supplier management model as well as ongoing supplier management 
  • Securing of transition to operation of the solution 


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Do you want to learn more?  

At Peak we know that good transformation processes create better management. This can create better decisions and thereby more satisfied employees and better results. When we help organizations realize their projects and transformations, we show consideration for the organization’s situation, experience and maturity. Regardless of whether you are starting from scratch or need direction on your current situation, we are happy to advise you on how you can reach your goal. 


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