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The business transformation-model 

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Organizations consist of and are run by people. Still, we often forget this when we have to manage changes. With the transformation-model the work with people is systematized in a way that helps both you and they make successful changes. 

We have developed a model that gives you a framework inside which you can work on changes and transformations. Admittedly, it is not rocket science. But it can help you get to work thoroughly and pragmatically – no matter if your organization is facing small changes or a large transformation. What the model does, is put the person centre stage. Because regardless of whether you work with consultants, managers or employees, you are working with people who are tasked with doing something different from what they are used to. And if this is to be a success, you must have the support of the organization and exercise sharp change management all the way through. 

What is the effect of the transformation-model?  

The transformation-model functions as help to remind you that it is not enough to understand the necessity of the change merely. It also has to be easy to change the behaviour. With a systematic approach, you can, among other things, achieve: 

  • Quick realisation of the project’s benefits 
  • Ensure motivation amongst employees 
  • Faster transition to operation 

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Patrick Sorentino

Client Director

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Our approach

This transformation-model helps you to work with change on the basis of 4 dimensions, which are all significant if the members of the organization (read: people) are going to have desire, courage and ability to change behaviour. Each dimension addresses a range of central issues and contains furthermore a range of useful tools to use – all depending on the situation.  

Organizational calibration  

The change must be calibrated to the organization’s own logic, culture, stories and wishes for change. Choosing a clever framework such as SAFe makes, for example no difference if what the organization really needs is crisis management. Listen to the organization. 


Leadership and ownership 

Changes demand leadership – but also ownership from everyone involved. Stakeholders must be involved and engaged by an emphasis on feedback, interest and curiosity. 

Competencies and capabilities 

New behaviour often also requires new competencies. Therefore, education is important. At the same time, changes also shift power balances, positions and identities which demands coaching, difficult conversations and ongoing evaluations. In this way, competencies are also something social.  


Benefits have to be the lifeblood during changes. It often occurs, that you only talk about what you want to achieve, while all the hassle is not even mentioned once. In the worst-case scenario, this creates mistrust. That is why: you should talk about and work through all of the hard things and create a safe environment in which to do so.  


Bank improved cyber security with new IT-concept 
Agency saved 3 million through agile development project 
Transport company established best practice investment program 

Do you want us to help you with the transformation-model?

At Peak we solve tasks which contain some form of change. These can be the implementation of ISO 27001/02, GDPR or other standards. These can also be acquisitions, digitalization projects, outsourcing or tenders. And we know from experience that working with people is not always easy. Therefore, we are happy to help you use the transformation-model systematically in your changes. 

transformational model

This is what the transformation-model looks like

The transformation-model takes the 4 dimensions of a change and places them in relation to the people who are partaking in the change. In this way you ensure that the human relations and factors are not lost in ‘the heat of the battle’. 

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