Great Place to Work

Why choose Peak Consulting Group?

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Welcome to one of the best workplaces in Denmark. We have been given 3 successive Great Place To Work certifications. 

great place to work

Down to earth and open-minded 

We listen, we are down to earth, open-minded and open to new ideas. Here at Peak, we have a respectful tone and our workplace is simultaneously a pleasant and fun place to be. 

With us you do NOT have a sales responsibility. We believe, that consultants function and act best, when they are focused on problem solving.  

This is why we place the commercial responsibility with our competent Client Directors.

Are You a Consultant? 

If you are currently employed as a consultant, you might see that our set-up is different due to our flat structure. The four Business Units Leaders are responsible for all consultants and act directly under CEO. 99% are senior profiles – half of these have 10+ years of experience and the other half have 20+ years of experience.  

 We do not give our consultants differential treatment. Our set-up ensures that you are never far from the top and that you find yourself in an environment where professional back-and-forth communication is the norm. 

You will receive ongoing professional sparring and new knowledge. You will meet your colleagues regularly for vocational Fridays, whole consultant-days, interdisciplinary immersion and go-home-meetings. 

Feel free to reach out:

[email protected] | Tlf: +45 3526 2880

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