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Agile coaching created a solid foundation of experience at Danish window-manufacturer 

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Using agile coaching as their tool, Peak’s consultants delivered a concrete competence-building course for agile project management with scrum, for projects at a Danish skylight-manufacturer. 

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We respect that not all customers wish to appear under their own name. For this reason, this case is described using general terms.  


The organization wanted to try using scrum as an agile framework on an internal project but had no previous experience with the modification and application of scrum. Therefore, they needed help and support implementing a modified application of scrum into their projects. The task revolved around competence building and support for the internal project manager, so they could later independently apply scrum to current and subsequent projects. Moreover, they needed a common, broad understanding of agility and also coaching in the application of scrum, where facilitation of agile ceremonies, understanding of roles and interactions, as well as establishment of agile behaviour was built. 


Peak’s consultant established a plan for competence building for both the project manager and the scrum-team working on the project. The plan involved a range of onboarding sessions with the project manager and team, where the general principles, techniques and roles of scrum were introduced and applied within a project framework. Furthermore, a cadence was established with regard to refinement, sprint planning, daily stand-up, demo sessions and also retro, all of which were meant to support the application of scrum. Through the process, the project manager gained an in-depth understanding of the advantages and the practical training with regard to the use of scrum – including the roles of scrum master, product owner and adaptation to the project manager role in an agile context.  

This agile coaching course ensured, that the project manager gained competencies in the application of scrum in a project context – to such an extent that the project even delivered above expectations. In connection with project closure the experiences were conceptualized, so they could be applied to the organization’s future use of agile project management. 

Do you want to build agile competencies?

Aside from having some of the country’s greatest agile minds on our team, we also have a course department with a large portfolio of agile competency development. So regardless of whether you want coaching in your organization or wish to build experience through a course, we can help you move forward. We have no ready-made solutions, but always take your situation, maturity and ambitions as our starting point.  

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